6.50mt2.55mt0.53mtn.6n.12800kg115140/180225L – XLC

ZAR 65

The ZAR 65 is big, spacious and comfortable: a real fl agship!
It is the best interpretation of the philosophy that gave birth to the ZAR dynasty.
Places and volumes at will without any waste. Everything is functional, thought and built with precise goals.
The eight/nine forward running seats was been conceived to give the maximum possible comfort; the seats are made according with the best ergonomic modern studies like in the most prestigious limousines. Born for the comfort and to enjoy the navigation and the open air life, the ZAR 65 is also able to give special performances emotions to all its lucky owners.
The ZAR 65 is fast and safe, soft on the waves, manageable and nimble also in the worst see conditions, because of a very deep and long hull, unthinkable in a 6,5 mt. R.I.B.
The ZAR 65 is also fantastic wen You ask the entire maximum possible place to enjoy the sun and the sea.
Two huge front and back sun beds, a comfortable front dinette with table, many many peaks and enough place for easy life on board.

  • ZAR 65 XL version with transom fit for single-engine with extra-long shaft

The boatyard reserves the right to bring modifi cations to the technical features without obligation of warning.