The new ZAR 59SL is finally arrived.
Second-born of the Sport Luxury line, a new series, however unchanged, that brings together all of the winning features that have led ZAR to be the point of reference in the world of Rigid Inflatable Boats.
It still maintains the great qualities of habitability, comfort, design and the special quality of navigation due to the unique ZAR
hull design.
The design of this new series, while remaining on the track marked by all emblazoned ZARs, rushes towards rays of light, unexpected angles and cuts surfaces which create harmony
in the parallel difformity of the lines.
The ZAR 59 SPORT LUXURY: a medium / large boat to discover that move forward the concept of RIBs with attractive and innovative design and technology, top level features, high class finishing, and an enormous amount of attention to details, quality and construction.
It’s a ZAR, it could not be otherwise…

The boatyard reserves the right to bring modifi cations to the technical features without obligation of warning.